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6/24/13, Behold!


The newly minted first-grader storms into the room with his blankie draped over his shoulders like Dracula’s cape.

“Behold what?”

“I am McGreggor!” He cocks an eyebrow and tosses his blankie over his shoulder.

“McGreggor?” It’s hard not to laugh.

“McGreggor!  The Master of Pajamas!”  He spins to reveal his Christmas-in-June pajama pants.

Now I do laugh.

He struts out of the room.  “Ha! Ha! HA!”

“Okay.  Goodnight, McGreggor.”

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6/19/13, Duh!

“Mom, what’s better – a frog or a butterfly?”

“I don’t know.  A butterfly?”

He solemnly shakes his head. Silly Mommy. “A frog. Do you know why?”


“Because a frog can eat a butterfly.”

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