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9/30/13, My refrigerator is running!

*Ring*  *Ring*  *Ring*


“Uh, yes.  Hello.  This is a very important client and my computer needs fixing.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes.  I am a business man downtown and I need my computer fixed.  I’m a very important client.”

“Right away, sir!”


A few minutes later, a six-year-old casually saunters into the room.  “Hey, did I hear the phone ringing?”

“Yes.  I have to go downtown right away!”  Dadddy leaps to his feet.  He pauses at the door and eyes his progeny.  “Wait.  Was that you?”

The busted monkey collapses in a shrieking laugh attack.

“You tricked me!”

And there was much tickling.  Several minutes later . . .

*Ring*  *Ring*  *Ring*

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9/17/13, Brothers

“We are terrible dinosaurs and we are best friends!” a growling six-year-old declares.

“ROAR!”  His brother agrees.

“But sometimes I get grumpy and try to eat you.”

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9/16/13: The knights who say . . . SLEEP!

“Hey, guys!  It’s time for bed.”

There is a giant blanket lump in the middle of my bed.  The lump is giggling.

“Shhhh!”  the lump hisses.

“There’s nobody here!” a voice squeaks from under cover.

“Um.  Yeah!”  a six-year-old voice calls from a supposed distance. “We’re in our room!”

“Yeah, we’re not here.”

“We put on our pajamas, and we’re each in our own rooms.”

“Oh, really?”  I say to the lump that looks remarkably like two balled up little boys.

“Uh-huh.”  One end of the lump nods.

“That’s nice.” I pat the bumpy covers. “Did you remember to brush your teeth?”

Monkey under-pink-blanket