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10/31/13, Scaaaaaaaaaaaaaary!



“What’s ‘grounded’ mean?”

“When you’re grounded you have to stay in your room and you can’t play with friends.  It means you’ve done something really bad.”

His face lights up.  “Like if you flood the basement or crash the car?”

The six-year-old’s immediate grasp of “really bad” is a little unnerving.  “Um. . . yeah.  Those would be pretty bad.  You’d definitely get grounded if you did those things.”

He smiles diabolically.  “Or if you blow up the whole house with TNT?”

“TNT?” Mom recoils. “No honey.  If you did that you’d probably go to jail.”

“Yeah,” he chuckles. “That’d be pretty bad.”

Then he saunters out the kitchen muttering to himself.

Happy Halloween!!

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10/18/13: Call the fire department!

“One more math question.”

“Go to bed.”

“Just one! Come on, Mom!”

“Okay, if the Memory Game has 72 cards and three people play the game and they all tie, how many cards do each of them get?”

“They can’t tie.”

“Sure they can.  How do you split 72 cards between three people?”  That should shut him up.

“That’s 72 divided by 3.  To my Thinking Lab!” He dives under the covers.  He whispers to himself for a few odd seconds before he gives up.  Suddenly the blanket begins convulsing violently.

“You okay?”

He pops up.  “My laboratory’s on fire!”  He disappears under the blanket and flops around some more. “See? It’s burning down!”

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10/17/13, And the answer is…

“Good night, sweetie!”

“Mom. Mom. MOM!”


“Can we play a math game?”

“Honey, it’s time for bed.”


Eye roll.  The nerd-force runs strong in this one.  “Okay.  If there are 5 kids and 20 Twizzlers, how many Twizzlers should each kid get?”

“Just a second!” The monkey dives under the covers.

“Where are you going?”

He pops up. “Into my brain laboratory to think.”

He throws the covers back over his head. Muffled grunts and twitching fingers flutter the blanket for the next 60 seconds.  Brain laboratory?

I’m about to give away the answer when the monkey pops back up and shouts, “FOUR!”

Brain laboratory indeed!

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