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11/11/13, To the Store!

“Okay, boys!  We’re on a mission.” Daddy monkey commands his troops.

The  monkeys continue to chase each other around the couch without even glancing at their fearless leader.

“We’re going to the store . . .  You need to choose your army names!”

The little one let’s go of a leg and sits up on his brother’s head.  “What’s a army name?”

“You know like Sergeant Spud or Captain Crunch.”

The older monkey shoves his brother off his back.  “What’s better, Sergeant or Captain?”

“First there’s Private then Corporal then Sergeant then Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, and then General.”

The six-year-old slashes at the air with an imaginary sword. “I’m going to be Sergeant Razor Power!”

Not to be outdone, the four-year-old screws up his face then declares with a finger in the air, “I am Lieutenant Braxton Fraleigh Garfield!”

General Daddy nods his approval. “To the store!”

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