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2/6/14, The Morning News

Morning in the forest and the littlest monkey unleashes his deep thoughts for the day.

“My crystal has powers. It can see in the dark!” He holds up a tiny Lego like evidence.

“Oh, yeah?” Mommy tickles his belly button before pulling a shirt on his head.

“I don’t have a tummy.”

“You don’t.” Left sock. Right sock.

“Nope. It belongs to my stomach. It hides over here.”


“Do you know how I ride in the car?”

“Nope.” Mommy snaps his tiny Levis closed.

“On my head.”

“Okay, Mr. Imagination! Let’s go downstairs for breakfast.”

“That’s not my name!” he growls with a terrible glint in his eye. “My name is Death of Doom!” 

“Okay, Death of Doom. Let’s go.”

Still growling like a cartoon lizard, “No. My name is Death of DOOMS!. Yeah, that’s a better name.”


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2/5/14, Lord of the Wise

“So, Frankie, if you were Frodo, would you trust Strider if you just met him at the Prancing Pony? Would you follow him into the wild?”

“Hmmm… ”  He narrows his eyes and grabs his chin then says,  “First I would wrestle him to see if he would be any help defeating orcs.”

Mommy laughs. “Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah. Then I’d ask him some questions.”

Thinking Monkey