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3/19/14, What’s up, Bro?

“Say good-bye, honey.  It’s time to go home.”

“BYE! Bye, Eamon! Bye!” The four-year-old waves frantically at the kids still on the playground then grabs Mommy’s hand.

“Did you have fun at school today?”

“Didya know Eamon calls me ‘Bro’?” His little voice makes every word adorable.

“Oh, yeah?” 

“Yeah.  He says, ‘What’s up, Bro.’”

“He does?” Mommy tries not to giggle as he contemplates this odd salutation.

“I think that means we’re buddies.” He grins widely.

“Yep.” Just too cute. Mom can’t take it.

“Mommy! Stop! I hate kisses!”

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3/4/14, Armor Class

“Hey, Dad! What’s my armor class now?”

The seven-year-old pops back up from behind the couch. There is a pair of underwear on his head. He’s holding a throw pillow, and there are socks on his hands.

“Well, let’s see. Helmet is -2, shield is -3, and I’ll give you -1 for the hand protection. So how much is that?”

The junior Dungeons and Dragons warrior screws up his face to think, which makes the underwear on his head all the more awesome. “Negative 6?”

“Yep. If you had a weapon that might help.”

The underwear helmet nods and searches the floor for a toilet paper roll or some other suitable shiv.

The four-year-old seizes the opportunity. “Dad, didya know I’m in a big armor class?”

“You are?”

“Yeah because I defeated all the challenges of Little Armor Class.”

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