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5/27/14, Geronimo!

“What’s that?”

Every loose blanket and pillow in the house has been heaped on the floor of the seven-year-old’s room.

“That’ s a Geronimo Pile,” the monkey shrugs.

“What’s a ‘Geronimo Pile’?”

“Simple. I’ll show you.”

He climbs up onto his bed and begins jumping.

“Oh, honey. Don’t-”

It’s too late. The monkey leaps high into the air, pulls his arms and legs into a cannonball and yells, “GERONIMO!!”

There’s a muffled thump as a tushy hits the floor through the pile. He springs up grinning.

“See. That’s a Geronimo Pile. You wanna try it?”

Yeah. I kind of do.


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5/20/14, Overheard in the Forest

“I want a catcher’s helmet but my mom won’t get me one,” says a six-year-old neighbor monkey.

“I can help you get that helmet,” declares the seven-year-old.

“You can?”

“Yep. Here’s what you gotta do.” The boys stop walking. “Go ask your mom for the helmet very nicely. Then make your cutest face like this . . .”

The monkey then makes puppy eyes and pout lips.

“That will work?”


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