“Penis in public!  Penis in public!”  A naked five-year-old waggles in the doorway then streaks down the hall.

“Okay, everybody.  Time for bed.  Let’s get our jammies on!”

Inspired by his brother’s exhibition,  a small voice says, “I got to go potty first.”  Unbuttoned jeans drop to the ankles in the middle of the bedroom and the little penguin hobbles into the hallway.  Itty bitty steps.  Itty bitty tushy.  And the little voice is talking to itself,  “Uh-oh.  Pee is coming out da penis.  Got to walk faster.”  The little penguin speed steps across the hall, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, and just barely makes it to the bathroom without falling on his face.

“Mom!  Look at what I’m wearing to bed!”  The five-year-old jumps back into the doorway with underwear on his head.

“That’s nice, honey.  Now, GO GET YOUR PAJAMAS ON!”