Daddy monkey plays music in the living room to keep the smaller monkeys from killing each other and help them burn off the evening’s ration of Halloween candy.  After 30 minutes of twitching, spinning, and doing the “butt dance,” the little ones are finally winding down.  Mommy has retreated to her laptop and the littlest one is admiring his Superman coloring book.  No one is paying attention to the music any more except the six-year-old.

The Harry Potter theme song is playing.

The six-year-old is skulking around long enough that Mommy finally takes notice.  He is pacing back and forth with his fuzzy blankie over his shoulders.  It looks less like a warlock’s robe than a bath mat but he doesn’t mind.  He has a broken vacuum cleaner handle in his hand.  He waves it at the ceiling and flashes everyone a sinister glare.  Voldemort is in the house!