12/7/12: The Transcript

Looking at pictures taken from a recent trip to the National Zoo unleashed a string of chatter from the three-year-old.  The direct transcript (as taken by the family stenographer) reads:

“. . . the poison balloon just popped then it went up to the ceiling, then we went home. So now we have to find the dark poison leaping dark sidious frog.  Okay? You have to make a teeny tiny arm that has reptiles wound around his cage. Sometimes I get reptiled around his arms and then I get reptiled around his cage. You tie his neck around his frog around a giant fairy wheel like a war frog.  Yeah.  I want a reptile with teeny tiny arms with a reptile wrapped around his neck and face and arm and tummy.”

“Uh . . . Okay, Henry.  Sounds good.”

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