12/13/12, Magic Mike

The six-year-old comes twirling into my room before bed.  Cloaked in his fuzzy blanket, he spins around then flashes me.   Cape open, Star Wars underpants, sunglasses, and a smile.  I can’t help but chuckle.

“Okay, very nice.  Go get your pajamas on, kiddo.”

But the show isn’t over.  I shouldn’t have laughed.  He spins again and pops open the blanket.  Only this time he’s doing a little butt dance in my direction.  Um…seriously?  I’m really laughing now.

“What are you doing, honey?  Go get dressed.”  I can barely get the words out.

Little Magic Mike doesn’t stop.  He continues to spin and wriggle his hips at me for several more turns until I finally regain my Mom voice.

“That’s ENOUGH!  Pajamas!  Now!”

He shuffles off to Buffalo still smiling.  Don’t forget to tip your waitress!  Try the veal!  He’ll be here all week!


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