Henry comes running.  “Frankie smashed my finger!”  Blubber, blubber, sob, sob, sniff, sniff.



“Come here!  Did you smash your brother’s finger?”

“Uh.  Whoops?”

“That is NOT okay.  Tell Henry you’re sorry.”

A stream of nonsensical babble comes flowing out along with goblin faces.

“What the heck was that?  Say you’re sorry!”

“But I’m trying to make him laugh.”

Roll eyes.  The big daddy monkey is constantly trying to get sobbing boys to laugh it off.  “That’s NOT as good. You can’t -”

“Yeah, Fwankie.  If you want to make laugh you got to smack yourself and fall down,” Henry sniffs.

I snap my head to the monkey on my hip who all the sudden has made a miraculous recovery.  “What are you-”‘

“Okay!” Frankie grins.  He promptly whacks himself in the face and hits the deck.

As promised, Henry laughs.