Sitting on the floor of the gorgeous new atrium of the Cleveland Museum of Art listening to a jazz ensemble, the three-year-old starts to feel the music.  He gets up and begins to sway, jump, leap, and spin.  And then there was an actual arabesque.  Really?  Then a dramatic backing up with hands reaching out in front – shuffle, shuffle shuffle (he backs into some passersby).  He then spreads his arms like a bird and swoops around before transitioning into a low pirouette (from which he gets dizzy and falls on his butt).  He pops back up and begins again – turning, swaying, soaring . . . windmilling his arms.  The song comes to an end with the little one crouching on the floor an exhausted swan.

After a dramatic pause, he leaps up in a huge frog jump and shouts, “RIBBIT!”