“I’m Dr. Evil Pajamas!  Ha! Ha! Haaaaaaaaaaaaw!”

“Okay Dr. Pajamas.  It’s time to get dressed for school.”

“NO!  I’m Dr. Pajamas!”  The evil doctor shrieks with laughter as he gets tackled and tickled by Dr. Daddy.  When the giggles die down, the little villain is still in his pajamas.

“Okay, enough you guys. He needs to get dressed,”  Mom sighs.

“You know, if you take your pajamas off, you can be Evil Dr. Penis.”  Dad logic is in full effect.

The three-year-old mastermind’s eyes light up.  He springs to his feet and dashes to his lair.

“Make sure you put on long pants, honey.  It’s going to be colder today.”  Mom is clearly in denial.

Before Mommy Evil can haul herself out of bed to chase after him, a maniacal laugh echos in the hallway.  A naked pre-schooler charges back into the room.

“Behold!”  He spins and brandishes his weapon at his parents.  “Dr. Penis!”

Mommy presses her lips together and shoots laughing Daddy a look.  “You get him dressed.”

Courtesy of www.tedhickman.com

Courtesy of www.tedhickman.com