“Me and Konrad made a map!”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah. It shows where we are going to put the cannons!  First we’re going to bomb the Knotsys!”

“The Nazis?  Like in Indiana Jones?”

“Yeah.”  A pensive six-year-old looks up at me.  “Mom, what are Nazis and why did they want to destroy the Jews?”

Long pause.  Oh, dear God.  This talk was going to happen sometime and the time is now?  “Well, when things were bad in Germany after World War I, the people wanted someone to blame for their problems . . .” Deep breath.  “So a terrible man named Hitler convinced everyone that if they destroyed the Jews that all of their problems would go away.  So Hitler and the Nazis did terrible things.  And do you know what?”


“He was wrong. All of their problems didn’t go away, and Germany lost World War II.”  Wait for more questions.  Please don’t ask more questions.

“So first we bomb the Nazis, and then Caves Full of Orcs!”

Phew!  The little monkey is unphased . . . then his last word sinks in. “Orcs?”

He nods. “Then the Evil Elves.  Then England!”

When I stop giggling, I pat him on the head. “Sounds like a plan, honey!”

The Map