*Ring*  *Ring*  *Ring*


“Uh, yes.  Hello.  This is a very important client and my computer needs fixing.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes.  I am a business man downtown and I need my computer fixed.  I’m a very important client.”

“Right away, sir!”


A few minutes later, a six-year-old casually saunters into the room.  “Hey, did I hear the phone ringing?”

“Yes.  I have to go downtown right away!”  Dadddy leaps to his feet.  He pauses at the door and eyes his progeny.  “Wait.  Was that you?”

The busted monkey collapses in a shrieking laugh attack.

“You tricked me!”

And there was much tickling.  Several minutes later . . .

*Ring*  *Ring*  *Ring*

Image courtesy of theunsecretshopper.com

Image courtesy of theunsecretshopper.com