Morning in the forest and the littlest monkey unleashes his deep thoughts for the day.

“My crystal has powers. It can see in the dark!” He holds up a tiny Lego like evidence.

“Oh, yeah?” Mommy tickles his belly button before pulling a shirt on his head.

“I don’t have a tummy.”

“You don’t.” Left sock. Right sock.

“Nope. It belongs to my stomach. It hides over here.”


“Do you know how I ride in the car?”

“Nope.” Mommy snaps his tiny Levis closed.

“On my head.”

“Okay, Mr. Imagination! Let’s go downstairs for breakfast.”

“That’s not my name!” he growls with a terrible glint in his eye. “My name is Death of Doom!” 

“Okay, Death of Doom. Let’s go.”

Still growling like a cartoon lizard, “No. My name is Death of DOOMS!. Yeah, that’s a better name.”


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