“Mommy, the boys took a bath while you were out, didn’t we boys?” Daddy Monkey is obviously pleased with his parenting skills.

“Oh, yeah?” I smile at all of the monkeys.  They do look spruced up a bit.

Both boys nod excitedly.

“We washed our stinky armpits and feet and what else did we wash, guys?”

“Our noses!” Frankie shouts.

“Um. Our hair?” The littlest monkey clearly isn’t sure what the heck happened in the tub.

“That’s right. What else?”

Both boys stare confused at their father as they search their little brains.  Then Frankie brightens up and shouts, “My BALLS!”

Frankie grins proudly at me as my face freezes up to avoid laughing or letting my jaw drop.  I eventually manage to  nod my approval.  “Wow.  That’s great, guys.”